Ways to Reduce Racism

Racism has existed even in the most educated persons. Sometimes we tend to think that racism only exists in the less fortunate people. However, it is the bias you feel against that person who is not of your color. The feeling that one is superior and is more privileged than others because they are associated with certain skin color. The situation has heightened to the point that racism is masquerading as a cry for justice. However, the solution is just within us. How about we shun any negative attitude towards other races? How about we turn a blind eye and view others as equal despite the skin color? How about we turn a deaf ear to those calling names because others do not belong to their skin color. It is time we evolve from being primitive. Some of the ways to reduce racism include;

Speaking up if you see Racism in Action

Sometimes people make racial utterances that are way beyond measure. It is upon us to shun such racial jokes since we make be ignorant of what others are feeling. Consider yourself on the opposite side and try to fit in the shoes. It is excruciating when someone talks ill about you since you are different. We should be examples of change. Educate people on the essence of being different. Preach oneness and sharing.

Support and attend events that celebrate different cultures. You should be supportive of rallies and cultural events that get held annually. By this, you learn to appreciate and see another positive side of the different cultures. Mingle with friends and create friends from different cultures. By this, you learn how they do things and their reasons to do them in that particular manner. Invite your family to the events so that they can share with you their view on the different culture. Be accommodative and know that God created us different to aid others differently. We are a bridge since what we can do best other have their best.

Lobby and fight for non-discriminatory laws

Racism is present even in institutions. Both local and federal legislation practice racism. In as much as we remain educated on the evils of racism, the government should instill the difference. Laws should get implement, laws that bring equality on salaries, equivalence in getting employment and reasonable punishment to those that violate the law. We should see that the leader we elect is not racist. Democracy will help us rule out leaders who implicate unlawful policies just for the favor of their races. Also, engaging in anti-racism protest will help combat racism. You should not remain docile in the face of racism, be vigilant to respond to racist events around you.

Addressing our Personal Feelings About Race

Everyone is entitled to a certain stereotype and biases. Have a list of what you hate about different race and also the positive side. From this, learn the benefits of being different. Diversity should get celebrated instead. Assume you are blind and you have not seen the color of the person. Judge people from what they do and not by their skin color. Accept that it is normal to be different in color, just as we all have varying ideas. Make friend from different races and appreciate their food, dressing and respect their beliefs. LearnĀ meditation strategies for anxiety to help control your reaction to racial differences.